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Absurd Accusations?

The Age Of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes It Hard To Be Happy The Age Of Absurdity – Michael Foley

One of the trends of post-global financial crisis comment is for the younger generation to accuse the baby boomers of ‘taking what they can get’ and ‘drawing the ladder up beneath them’.

I tend to think of the credit crunch as being largely due to financial deregulation, which is ideologically linked to the modern right-of-centre governments. However, Michael Foley describes baby boomer culture as a by-product of left wing social influences.

“the 1970s was the decade of liberation, of anger at injustice and demands for recognition and rights. But, over time, the demand for specific rights degraded into a generalised sense of entitlement, the demand for specific recognition into a generalised demand for attention, and the anger at specific injustice into a generalised feeling of grievance and resentment. The result is a culture of entitlement, attention-seeking and complaint”


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