The Nonfiction Book Club:


  • Because there’s so much on our bookshelves if only we remembered to look.

  • Is more about enthusiasm than snooty reviews.

  • Because when a writer is allowed to have your attention for longer than the thirty seconds of the internet world, they can take you on a journey far away from the beaten track of your regular sources of information and ideas.

So pick up a book, go to a coffee shop or sit down on the sofa with a glass of wine, and read a nonfiction book.


The posts are written by a group of nonfiction enthusiasts and friends who live in north London:


Brendan Miller is a nonfiction fan who works in current affairs and news, mainly on TV. He wears glasses



Drummond plays guitar and loves making popcorn.





Dave is as cool as his picture. He likes his iphone and kicks ass at karaoke.





If you have a book you want the world to know, get in touch by emailing bkjmiller at gmail dot com


One response to “ABOUT

  1. Joanne West

    So, Brendan, Drummond and Dave, how does this work?

    Do I just tell you about a book I’m really excited about …and you rview it …or do I do a review and send it to you?



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